Designed for: solicitors, SQE candidates, law students, qualified lawyers

The service is live streaming of a client interview, which includes a scheduled real-time video session and accompanying materials.


  • Introduction (5 min)
  • Mock client interview (25 min)
  • Discussion of outcomes (10-15 min)

Pre-viewing steps:

  1. pay the fee
  2. register
  3. open and read the candidate instructions
  4. join the Zoom meeting

Post-viewing steps:

  1. open and study the fact sheet
  2. try writing an attendance note (25 min)
  3. compare your attendance note with the suggested answer

Watching our live simulation can help you:

  • learn in a safe environment with zero risk of mistakes
  • learn how to apply functional legal knowledge to a given scenario
  • improve your understanding of legal concepts
  • become familiar with the SQE2 exam structure
  • improve skills through watching the performance of a real SQE candidate
  • listen to the follow-up corrective feedback by the tutor
  • learn rules of effective communication in a professional environment

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