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SQE2 Preparation Course: Stage 2

SQE2 or SQE TWO is the second Part 2 of the SQE, available only after successful completion of the SQE1.

It is made up of 16 practical assessments based on simulations that test aspiring solicitors in 5 practice contexts (practice areas) covering substantive law.

SQE2 assessment tests the candidates’ practical legal skills (oral and written).

SQE 2: Language

SQE2 will be conducted in English and Welsh (with Welsh introduced as a working language on a phased basis – with full English/Welsh parity by year four of the SQE).

Candidates may be required to pass an English language test.

Further details will be available from respective clarifications by the SRA.

SQE2: Important Facts

  • SQE TWO allows up to three resits within a 6-year period.
  • SQE2 is designed to test practical legal skills across 5 practice contexts (practice areas):
  • Contexts: Criminal litigation; Dispute resolution; Property practice; Wills and intestacy, Probate administration and practice; Business organisations rules and procedures
  • Skills: Client interviewing and attendance note/legal analysis; Advocacy; Case and matter analysis; Legal research; Legal writing; Legal drafting.
  • SQE2 will be conducted at a limited number of assessment centers.
  • SQE2 questions in one context may draw on the candidate’s knowledge in another area of law. Additionally, something we have learnt from extensive training for the QLTS OSCE is that the knowledge of substantive law is also tested – based on which we strongly recommend revising it.
  • SRA has published sample questions for the SQE2.
  • SQE2 is a simulation-based exam testing practical application of knowledge and skills in the imitated working environment. Conducting simulation-based exercises seems therefore the most effective tool to develop the candidate’s skills. Besides, if followed by the tutor’s individual feedback, such exercises help both experienced legal practitioners and younger members of the legal profession to build legal knowledge and learn problem-solving techniques.
  • The first SQE2 sitting is scheduled for April 2022.