About Us

A distinctive feature of the SQE preparation course from OSCEsmart is immersing a student in a highly qualified and supportive professional environment. All our legal tutoring is conducted by qualified solicitors of England and Wales who combine tutoring with the practice of law. Having qualified via the QLTS bar exam, we have first-hand experience of the exam design and required standards, and are prepared to share this knowledge with you.

We are a cohort of

Prior to passing the qualifying examination, many of our solicitors completed a legal practice course (LPC) and accumulated substantial work experience – both of which are critical to understanding how best to prepare for an exam as challenging as the SQE.

Who are we?

OSCEsmart is also proud to engage academics with PhDs for providing legal and non-legal tutoring, as well as researching methodological perspectives.

Our Original Methodology of Exam Preparation

Putting our academic training to practical use, we have developed and piloted an original methodology of exam preparation. Its cornerstone is practice-based and mistake-driven learning – which based on empirical evidence from scientific studies, have proved most effective in long-term retention of knowledge. Seeking to provide our students with an opportunity to learn from their own experience and possible mistakes, we came up with the idea of active teaching through individually conducted simulations. These mock tests have turned out to be a perfect tool for challenging and reinforcing the learners’ knowledge of fundamental legal concepts and principles.

Superexam Platform

For an easy and convenient delivery of SQE simulations, we have developed a tailor-made Superexam platform. It took us over two years to incorporate in this online facility all the features required for hosting and scheduling SQE prep courses – but we are happy to see it was worth all the effort. The original simulation-based e-learning space we have received as a result is tailored specifically to the needs of the SQE2 candidates and SQE prep courses, to match qualified solicitors of England and Wales, and aspiring solicitors.

Over the years of operation, we have helped hundreds of law professionals from all over the world to go through the qualifying examination. Interacting with students from such diverse backgrounds and receiving their positive feedback is a constant source of inspiration for us, an opportunity to develop our professional, interpersonal and tutoring skills, to exchange experiences and ideas.

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