Legal Theatre Terms

  1. The service is live streaming of a client interview, which includes a scheduled real-time video session and accompanying materials (jointly referred to as ‘Materials’). Except for the interaction between the panel candidate and the mock client, the session is non-interactive and does not involve input from the audience. Before the session, the attendees receive candidate instructions with a brief overview of the issues to be discussed. During the event, more information will be disclosed by  the client. The interview will be conducted by a QLTS OSCE candidate who is not familiar with the scenario and has not been specifically prepared for the session. After the session, the attendees will be provided with a fact sheet and the tentative suggested answer to show how the case could be analysed in the attendance note. One day after the scheduled end date, the attendees will receive a follow-up email from Zoom with the above Materials. Please note, the attendees shall not be provided with the video record.
  2. Transferring the Materials, disclosing their contents, or recording them in any form (electronically or otherwise) without our express written permission is strictly forbidden and shall amount to a breach of contract and trust. Please note, access to the Materials may require signing in with a Google account. The suggested answer must be printed out within 2 calendar days after the session – after that the access will be terminated. Other materials may not be printed or downloaded. 
  3. While we take reasonable steps to ensure the quality of the session, the interview to a large extent is a live improvisation, and we have no control as to how it may go. Being convinced that the attendees may benefit from watching both the candidate’s good performance and the mistakes made, we may intentionally challenge the candidate.
  4. The fee  must be paid in full before the session.
  5. You are responsible for having appropriate internet connection, as well as for arranging adequate working conditions by the agreed time of the online session. We take all reasonable steps to secure a stable internet connection, but it may be out of our control. For this reason, we operate two separate internet landlines. In case of any interruption, please stay online – we may require a short break to swap the lines. 
  6. Please be advised to follow the scenario and take notes of the questions you would ask the client should you conduct the interview yourself. QLTS OSCE or SQE2 candidates are also advised to draft a handwritten attendance note after the session. You will be able to check the facts and answers against provided Materials. 
  7. Whilst reasonable care has been taken when preparing the Materials, neither OSCEsmart nor any of the authors accept responsibility for any errors the materials may contain, or any loss sustained by any person relying on their contents. The Materials provided to attendees do not amount to legal advice.
  8. You cannot transfer or assign your rights under this contract to anyone else.
  9. Our liability is limited to the amount of money paid by you. 
  10. The termination, end or expiration of our services shall not affect any of our intellectual property rights or your obligations to hold our Materials on trust.