This Booking Policy, as may be amended from time to time, applies to the series of the SQE live lectures, SQE2 seminars and Demo interviews and, and is used in addition to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy policy, but is not regulated by the SQE2 Price Policy. Where inconsistent with the Terms and Conditions, this Online Booking Policy shall prevail.

1. Streaming service description 

Legal theatre – are live streamed group sessions of three forms: Demo interview, Live lectures, SQE2 seminars (jointly referred as “Services”).


The service is live streaming of a client interview, which includes a scheduled real-time video session and accompanying materials (jointly referred to as ‘Materials’). Except for the interaction between the panel candidate and the mock client, the session is non-interactive and does not involve input from the audience. Before the session, the attendees receive candidate instructions with a brief overview of the issues to be discussed. During the event, more information will be disclosed by  the client. The interview will be conducted by a SQE2 candidate who is not familiar with the scenario and has not been specifically prepared for the session. After the session, the attendees will be provided with a fact sheet and the tentative suggested answer to show how the case could be analysed in the attendance note. One day after the scheduled end date, the attendees will receive a follow-up email from Zoom with the above Materials. PLEASE NOTE, THE ATTENDEES SHALL NOT BE PROVIDED WITH THE VIDEO RECORD.

Being convinced that the attendees may benefit from watching both the candidate’s good performance and the mistakes made, we may intentionally challenge the candidate.

Please be advised to follow the scenario and take notes of the questions you would ask the client should you conduct the interview yourself. SQE2 candidates are also advised to draft a handwritten attendance note after the session. You will be able to check the facts and answers against provided Materials. 

Fees & discounts 

General Admission £50.00

Early bird £39.00


You are entering into an agreement to attend Our live online lecture series on English law. The lectures are interactive in format, and delivered by practising solicitors normally specialising in the respective practice area. You may also submit your questions via the event chat before or during the lectures. 

Suitable for first-time self-preparation or revision. Dealing with a particular subject area or its specific topics, each lecture includes an analysis of related multiple-choice questions. Prior to each lecture, You will be provided with concise notes that are easy to memorise and designed to:

  • provide You with study guidance, 
  • help You organise Your study timeline,
  • answer any questions You have through the Q&A at the end of each session. 

We advise that all the lecture materials should be supplemented with in-depth reading of SQE/LPC books and manuals. The list of suggested books is provided in Schedule A to this policy.

Session agenda (2 academic hours total): 45-min lecture, 10-min break, 45-min lecture + MCQ analysis, Q&A.

The schedule of the lectures for each stream is displayed on the website. We reserve the right to make changes in the dates and subjects if required. We understand the importance of planning ahead, and will only resort to this in case of dire necessity. 

Fees & discounts 

Available as a stand-alone session or in a package

Regular fee: £45 per session

Full-series discount: 20% 

SQE2 lectures discount: 10%

50% limited discount available for Ukrainian lawyers (please contact us)

SQE subjectsNo of sessionsPrice, per session, £Total price, £
Business Law and Practice345135
Dispute Resolution345135
Property Practice345135
Wills and the Administration of Estates24590
Solicitors Accounts14545
Land Law24590
Criminal Law24590
Criminal Practice345135
Consti and Admin14545
EU Law14545
English Legal System (pre-recorded)1FreeN/A
Legal Services (pre-recorded)1FreeN/A
Total28 1215
SQE1 Pack (All)20% 972
SQE2 Pack10%630567
Price breakdown

Purchasing the package entitles You to accessing the video recording(s) of the lecture(s) You have missed. However, specific provisions and dates for that will be determined at our full discretion within a given window of time (Legal cinema). 


The SQE2 seminars on application of law to factual scenarios: one per practice area. The seminars are interactive in format, designed to help you learn and revise by actively engaging with the exam-related content. They are delivered by practising solicitors specialising in the respective practice area: Business law, Dispute resolution, Criminal practice, Property practice, Wills and the Administration of Estates. The candidates will be also provided with access to the seminar’s slides. 

All the sessions are highly interactive – in each of them, you will be able to discuss brief case studies presented by the tutor, as well as ask questions related to the practice area under discussion. Session agenda (1.5 academic hours total): 20-30 mins the SQE2 exam tips, the rest interactive discussion of the case studies + Q&A

Fees & discounts 

Available as a standalone session or in a package

Regular fee: £50 per session

Full-series discount: 20%

2. Intellectual property rights

Transferring the Materials, disclosing their contents, or recording them in any form (electronically or otherwise) without our express written permission is strictly forbidden and shall amount to a breach of contract and trust. Please note, access to the Materials may require signing in with a Google account.

The termination, end or expiration of our services shall not affect any of our intellectual property rights or Your obligations to hold our Materials on trust.

3. Limitation

While we take reasonable steps to ensure the quality of the session, the Services to a large extent is a live improvisation, and we have no control as to how it may go. Whilst reasonable care has been taken when preparing the Materials, neither OSCEsmart nor the Academy of Smart Lawyers or any of the authors, accept responsibility for any errors the materials may contain, or any loss sustained by any person relying on their contents. The Materials provided to attendees do not amount to legal advice.



4. Payment 

The fee must be paid in full before the session.

5. Data protection

All personal information You disclose to us under this agreement will be processed in accordance with our Privacy policy. By agreeing to this Booking policy You authorise the sharing of Your personal data with Our team and other members of the Your study group(s) to the extent required for the provision of the services.

6. Termination & Refund

The fees paid are non-refundable, and You agree that You shall not have the right to cancel the purchased services once their delivery has started. The delivery is deemed to start: 

(i) stand-alone session – from the moment the session is booked on the superexam platform; and

(ii) package (discounted) – from the moment the payment is received. 

7. Miscellaneous 

You are responsible for having appropriate internet connection, as well as for arranging adequate working conditions by the agreed time of the online session. We take all reasonable steps to secure a stable internet connection, but it may be out of our control. In case of any interruption, please stay online – we may require a short break to fix the problem. In case of serious connection problems, we reserve the right to reschedule the lectures, if required at a short notice.

You cannot transfer or assign Your rights under this contract to anyone else. 

We may update and vary the terms of this Booking policy at any time. Your continued use of or access of service will signify your agreement to the updated terms. If you do not agree to any of these terms or any future amendments, stop using the service.

The recitals set forth above are and for all purposes shall be interpreted as being an integral part of this agreement.

Schedule A

We can assist you with purchasing OUP SQE Prep & Practice (electronic manual offering about 1200 MCQs with a 12-month subscription). For providing this service to you, we charge a one-time £50 fee. To order the service, please contact us at [email protected] 

Instructions for self-purchase: In case of self-purchase, you can fill in the Institution box with a combination of three consecutive letters (any letter, lowercase or uppercase), e.g. XXX. This will deselect the institution and select the ‘not applicable’ option instead. After disapplying the institution, you will be able to proceed to the payment (via PayPal).

UCL Study Manuals (available in hardcopy or electronically upon request, with about 600 MCQs)

Revise SQE books (available in hardcopy or electronically upon request, with 5 MCQs at the end of each chapter, suitable for those who completed LLB/GDL + LPC, or wish to revise for the SQE2).  

We can assist you with purchasing LPC CLP books (more fundamental but covering only SQE2 areas of law; NO MCQs). For providing this service to you, we charge a one-time £50 fee. To order the service, please contact us at [email protected]k