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“The SMART team not only prepares you for the legal side but also for the exam itself. The tutors are really flexible timewise, always encouraging and supportive, and their feedback was still very honest and comprehensive.”
Rosanna Morello Carrieri, Dual qualified lawyer (England & Wales and Germany)


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How our exam prep works

We passed the exam ourselves and have simplified the preparation process for you.


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Why choose us?

We support each candidate individually. We want to understand your current
knowledge and skills in order to help you pass the exams as soon as possible.

01 You will partner with SQE-qualified tutors who will understand your challenges

We have direct knowledge of both SQE exams and the required threshold standard to help you pass. Our methodology of exam preparation will rapidly boost your confidence and knowledge. We will coach you to the required standards in quick time.

You will be mentored by solicitors who have passed these exams with us!

02 You will build long-term knowledge through your individual experiences and lessons learned from your mistakes

We know passing SQE is not easy. We understand you will make mistakes in your training. That’s normal and gives us the opportunity to shape your knowledge through our mistakes driven, distributed and active learning techniques.

Improve your skills, address gaps in your legal knowledge and learn important exam techniques.

03 You have the flexibility to start learning at a time that suits you, choose a package or only pay for the learning materials that work for you

You can learn at your own pace and attend live revision lectures, ask questions during the sessions or in advance, and access video recordings of live lectures whenever it suits you.

Our SQE1 package includes a 13-month subscription (longer than other providers) to course materials that you will need. Sit the exam earlier if you wish, but you will get 13 months access if needed.

Our SQE2 1-to-1 training with personalised feedback is the most important element of our offering. 

You can start preparing at any time as there is no fixed start date for our courses.

04 Are you a resitter? 

We will assess your previous results breakdown to allow us to focus your learning on areas of weakness.

It is critical that we deliver the most useful and relevant training materials to you as quickly as possible. Your success is genuinely our success! 

If you are completely hopeless we will suggest an alternative career for you 🙂

05 You will become part of a global community of like-minded legal professionals

Many of our successful candidates enhance their career opportunities by networking in our community for years after they have passed the exams. Many successful candidates become tutors, mentors and lecturers on our SUPERexam platform for people like you! You might want to join us, after you’ve passed.  Read more about “The Smart Lawyers Global Club”   

Join our club to access vast pools of knowledge and international contacts to benefit your career.

Our strengths

Choose your SQE coach wisely!

SQE qualified tutors
1-to-1 SQE2 training with comprehensive personalised feedback
Live-streamed interactive sessions: live and recorded seminars and revision lectures
Legal Theatre®: client interview simulation demonstration
Unique ‘SQE Synopsis Notes‘ for focused learning
13-month access period for learning materials
Tailored coaching for SQE retakers following analysis of your previous SQE2 result(s)
Package or pay as you go pricing
Study materials regularly updated with current law
SQE SUPERexam e-learning and training platform specifically for SQE candidates
Membership of the Global Smart Lawyers Community for opportunities exchange and lifelong education

Our packages

Get exam-ready with practising solicitors of England and Wales.

Cut to the chase learning

Working smart is just as important as working hard. Our training materials are designed to focus on the critical issues that will help you pass the exams.

✓ Recorded Collaborative Lectures
✓ Live-streamed Revision Lectures
✓ SQE1 MCQs Database
✓ Special ‘SQE Synopsis Notes’
✓ Individual SQE Planner
Care & support from The Smart Lawyers Global Club
Flexible pricing: pay for each lecture, MCQ bundle, etc.

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One-to-one training
SQE2 Preparation

Results oriented preparation is critical. Our original educational materials provide practice-based guidance and cultivate skills for achieving success in SQE.

✓ One-to-one SQE2 Mock Simulations
✓ Pre-recorded SQE2 Skills Lectures
✓ Weekend Live Seminars
✓ Tips & Tricks from qualified tutors
✓ Personalised feedback
✓ Care & support from The Smart Lawyers Global Club
✓ Flexible pricing: pay for each lecture

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Other options

Pick and mix

SQE1 Mock-Tests (MCQs)

Growing SQE1 MCQ database
✓ Free SRA drafted and Smart challenging questions database
✓ SQE1 exam-like interface
✓ Price from £15 per mock-test

SQE2 Mock Simulations

✓ Mock formats: oral (Advocacy), written (Legal Writing, Drafting), and mixed (Case Analysis, Interviews with Attendance Notes)
✓ All simulations are individually marked by a qualified tutor
✓ Personal feedback on all mocks taken
✓ Unique Legal Theatre® group sessions

Lectures and seminars

✓ SQE1 recorded lectures
✓ SQE1 monthly revision lectures
✓ SQE2 skills lectures
✓ SQE2 seminars

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Help for resitters
Tailored Coaching for SQE Retakers

You should not take unnecessary risks—there’s a better way. With only three available attempts, you should choose a successful training company with a success rate of over 90%. That’s us.

SQE1 FLK1 or FLK2 Materials: You may purchase what you need:
– specific lectures covering particular topics,
– revision lectures,
– SQE1 MCQs for different levels of difficulty and exam-like interface.

SQE2 FREE Marks Breakdown Analysis: We offer a complimentary analysis of your previous SQE2 result(s). We will analyse your performance and provide advice on critical study and training.

✓ SQE2 Exemptions and QWE: Our experts can help with your application for the exemptions and confirmation of qualifying work experience.

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A white labelled training solution can be offered to law firms wishing to inhouse train their aspiring solicitors. See the video

Our students say:

Years of aiding foreign lawyers to qualify in England and Wales have prepared us to help you pass the SQE.
Join us to become our next success story.

I’m very thankful to your school

I tried to pass this exam twice.. For my second preparation, I just followed the exact instructions and slides that are given on the OSCEsmart platform. I’m very thankful to your school for all very useful suggestions that I have received from you – thank you!

NANA MAISURADZE - Dual qualified solicitor (England and Wales & Georgia)
The OSCEsmart materials were very helpful

The OSCEsmart materials were very helpful, especially the legal drafting tips. I also found the tips on structuring client interviews and presentations, as well as the advocacy materials, to be particularly valuable. They have been very useful in my day-to-day job.

SANCHO GUIBERT ECHENIQUE - Dual qualified solicitor (England and Wales & Spain)
Neha Sachde SQE2
OSCEsmart offers various subscription options

OSCEsmart has various kinds of subscriptions, so even a stand-alone mock can be so helpful just before the exam. I also used to practise on my own, but the experience of practising with your tutors is truly unparalleled. I’m so happy that I had OSCEsmart helping me throughout this process.

NEHA SACHDE - Dual qualified solicitor (England and Wales & India)
Brian SQE2
Practice with OSCEsmart gave me a good idea of what to expect in the exam

I spent six months preparing for the exam. I dedicated 5 months to reading textbooks and reviewing notes, followed by a month of practising SQE2 mock exams with the OSCEsmart team. The last month of practice gave me a good idea of what to expect in the exam.

YUANSHAN YU - Dual qualified solicitor (England and Wales & China)
Maria SQE2
I wish I had all this guidance from OSCEsmart the first time I sat the SQE2

When preparing for my SQE2 exam retake, I invested in an OSCEsmart basic package for mocks, later upgrading as I realised the need for more practice during interview and advocacy sessions with you. I wish I had all this guidance from OSCEsmart the first time I sat the SQE2.

MARIA ALMODOVAR - Dual qualified solicitor (England and Wales & Spain)
Xin Yu SQE2
Before joining OSCEsmart, I had no idea about what the exam was going to look like

Before joining the OSCEsmart programme, I had no idea about what the exam was going to look like. During the mocks, the tutors taught me how to conduct the opening in the interview, how to interact with my client, and how to check if there was anything I was still missing.

XIN YU - Dual qualified solicitor (England and Wales & China)
Fernando Gragera
I wouldn't have achieved these results without the assistance of OSCEsmart

While self-preparation is possible for SQE1, I firmly believe that extensive practice with mock exams is essential for SQE2. I wouldn’t have achieved these results without the assistance of OSCEsmart.

FERNANDO GRAGERA - Dual qualified solicitor (England and Wales & Spain)
Charlotte SQE2
I’m very happy with the preparation!

I prepared for the SQE2 using OSCEsmart, incorporating the CILEx past papers and 1-to-1 mock exams. The OSCEsmart mocks were harder and more extensive than the actual exam, enhancing my exam technique proficiency. … I’m very happy with the preparation!

CHARLOTTE H. - Dual qualified solicitor (England and Wales & Hong Kong)
SQE2 prep Noreen
To pass the SQE2, you can't rely solely on books; doing mocks is crucial

To pass the SQE2, you can’t rely solely on books; doing mocks is crucial. One-to-one SQE2 mocks help you prepare for the intense exam environment and time pressure. They give you a clear idea of what to expect.

NOREEN ADJEI - Qualified via the LPC and SQE route


Do you have any questions? We are here to help.

How can foreigners benefit from becoming a solicitor of England and Wales?
  1. Prestige and Recognition.
  2. Access to Common Law Clients.
  3. Ability to Attract Larger Clients.
  4. International Employment Opportunities.
    This English qualification is highly regarded and recognised globally, opening opportunities around the globe.
  5. Potential for Advancement to Top Management.
    Many of our successful graduates have become top managers.
Can I see an SQE1 lecture for free?

Yes! We’re offering a demo lecture on the SQE 1, focusing on the English Legal System. To watch it, please register on at the SUPERexam platform. Click this link: https://smart.superexam.online/library/19?id=4.

When is the best time to start SQE exam preparation?

You can start your preparation at any time because all of our materials are available from the day you start studying with us. Target a specific exam date and make sure you give yourself enough time to prepare thoroughly.

How long does it take to prepare for the SQE?

Typically, SQE1 preparation is up to 13 months and SQE2 is 9 months. You may be able to sit the exams earlier depending on your studying and background.

How do I choose my schedule?

We are flexible and you have a choice to decide how to study with us. Our materials are available on mobile and laptop 24/7. We offer live classes on weekends.

How many times can I take the SQE exams?

Only 3 times!
It is our mission to help you succeed. Your success is genuinely our success.

What if I have failed my SQE exam?

Life goes on but failing an exam can dent your confidence.
We offer a free analysis of your previous SQE result(s). We will look at your performance and give advice on focused studying and training to help you get through your re-sit.
We would strongly advise you to contact us immediately if you have failed once or twice.

How do I start the SQE exam preparation?

We would like to talk with you. We appreciate that you will need guidance to choose the best materials to get you through your exams. We train foreign lawyers, LPC graduates, law students and those with no legal background. Giving you advice before you start studying will be critically important to you. Book a call with us – https://calendly.com/info-sqe-superexam/30min

Optimise your learning path with the Academy of Smart Lawyers (OSCEsmart) and become a certified solicitor of England and Wales.