Smart SQE2 Training Provider

We are a group of individuals who have successfully passed the SQE2 exam (or its precursor). Since early 2018, we have been dedicated to helping aspiring solicitors pass the SQE2 (previously known as QLTS OSCE). Now we run the SQE prep courses. The QLTS exam was delivered by Kaplan who is now the SQE assessment provider. Our expertise has earned us recognition as one of the leading QLTS training providers. We specialize in preparing foreign qualified lawyers for the second part of the exam, now known as SQE2. You can learn more about us by visiting our old website or searching ‘OSCEsmart‘ on the internet.

Our brand is highly esteemed among foreign qualified lawyers for delivering exceptionally effective SQE2 prep through our comprehensive SQE2 course.

You can verify the authenticity of their appreciation through their recorded testimonies. Our students provided these testimonies free of charge as a token of gratitude for our services. We aim to stand as the best SQE provider for aspiring solicitors from abroad.

Our SQE2 training revolves around personalised 1-to-1 SQE2 mock simulations with individual feedback. These mock exams serve three primary purposes:

  1. Identifying Knowledge Gaps. Through SQE2 simulations, we pinpoint any knowledge gaps in the candidate’s preparation. This helps them focus on areas that need further revision and improvement.
  2. Enhancing Legal Skills. With years of training, our experienced tutors share valuable insights and best practices. They help candidates develop the specific legal skills required to excel in the SQE2 exam.
  3. Sharing Exam Tactics. As a close-knit community of successful examinees, we share effective exam tactics and strategies. These insights are invaluable in boosting candidates’ confidence and preparation.
1-to-1 SQE2 Mocks

As a dedicated SQE provider, we take pride in not being a “conveyor belt” style service. Instead, we offer a personalised and effective SQE2 preparation experience through mock simulations. Despite not being as large as international SQE providers like BarBri or The University of Law, we have proven our expertise. We’ve assisted hundreds of lawyers who faced challenges in passing the exam. Our flexible approach to preparation caters to the unique needs of aspiring solicitors, including our comprehensive SQE2 course designed to enhance their skills and ensure success:

  1. Tailored Approach. We understand that not all candidates need the entire SQE preparation course. Hence, we provide tailored SQE prep, allowing aspiring solicitors to pick components based on their needs. You can choose from various SQE2 mock exams or access focused law lectures covering all subjects – everything you need for passing the SQE.
  2. Flexible Timing. Our program eliminates the constraints of set start and end dates. Candidates have the freedom to start their SQE preparation whenever they choose. Our 100% online platform ensures accessibility from any location. It provides convenience and flexibility in managing your study schedule. If you do not have a law degree and are considering law conversion courses to prepare for SQE1, we are here to help with the skills component of the exam. You can also start your SQE2 preparation alongside SQE courses offered by other providers. We aim to enhance your skills and deepen your knowledge via practical simulations. This ensures a well-rounded preparation for the SQE exams.

Under the old QLTS, aspiring solicitors had an unlimited number of attempts to pass the exam. Now they have only three attempts. Plus the exam itself is not cheap. The SQE assessment fees were recently increased by 11%. When you add that to the SQE preparation course costs, is it worth taking a risk, or is it better to try before you sit?

Reasons for failure at the SQE2 exam

Our true expertise shines in helping those who struggle to achieve success in the SQE2. While it’s easier to assist those who are almost there, we’re dedicated to guiding and empowering those facing difficulties.

Let us analyse some of the reasons that cause aspiring solicitors to fail the SQE2 exam:

  1. Lack of strong foundation. A solid understanding of law and thorough preparation for the SQE1 exam is crucial for success in SQE2. Students not studying the law properly and relying only on brief notes and memorising answers to MCQs often fail SQE2. This holds true even if they’ve passed SQE1 with flying colours.
  2. Poor strategic approach. SQE2 is a distinctive and complex assessment that requires a strategic approach. Understanding the assessment process and knowing what steps to take is vital. Many aspiring solicitors and even some SQE2 courses may overestimate their comprehension of the exam. To grasp it better, candidates should consider talking to those who have already passed it.
  3. Gap between theory and application. There is often a significant gap between theoretical knowledge and the ability to apply it practically. Many resitters are perplexed by their results, believing their answers were correct. However, they attribute the problem to the assessment provider. In reality, candidates might lack a thorough grasp of legal concepts and struggle to apply them in real-world situations. Many resitters may not even be sure that they correctly identified the legal contexts upon which they were assessed. Unlike SQE1, which provides answer choices, SQE2 demands candidates to identify issues, explain and apply the law. It also offers options to clients for decision-making.
Reasons for failure at the SQE2 exam

Our SQE2 training offers SQE2 mock exams and personalised guidance to address these challenges. With our strategic approach and experienced tutors, we bridge the gap between theory and application. We share tips that help aspiring solicitors succeed in the SQE2 exam.

SRA does not regulate the training providers

The SRA does not oversee the regulation of SQE providers, allowing almost anyone to become a part of the list. While this approach has its merits and drawbacks, it has been that way since September 2021, when the SQE came into force. This has led to an influx of new SQE courses flooding the market. Unfortunately, a significant part of these courses lacks a full understanding of the exam. This is particularly problematic given the unique and intricate nature of SQE2 assessments.

A simple search for “SRA SQE providers” yields an extensive list of SQE preparation course providers on the SRA official website. A comparison of these providers based on their offerings and pricing is available on the SQE Self-Preparation page. Aspiring solicitors need to research to find a suitable SQE course provider for their needs.

Keep in mind that most SQE training providers operate as businesses. Their primary focus is on maximising income while minimising expenses and effort.

Sales representatives may tailor their messages to align with what you want to hear to secure a sale. Thus, it’s crucial to exercise diligence and approach the information critically. This way, you can make an informed decision based on thorough research and a comprehensive understanding of the offerings.

Selecting the Right SQE2 Training Provider

Taking responsibility for your SQE preparation is a vital step for any aspiring solicitor. It begins with choosing the appropriate SQE prep course. There is no single best SQE prep course suitable for everyone. Compare what other SQE providers offer, and check what each of the shortlisted SQE2 courses include. Regardless of your choice, the course won’t take the exam on your behalf. Each individual is unique, and discovering the ideal SQE course provider is a personal endeavour.

Undeniably, SQE providers like BarBri, QLTS School, QLTS Advantage and OSCEsmart (us) all hold significant expertise in training foreign lawyers. The distinct advantage that we at OSCEsmart offer is that prior to 2023 our exclusive focus was on SQE2 preparation. This specialisation forms our core expertise.

OSCEsmart brings together a comprehensive understanding of both the LPC and the SQE. This makes it a particularly suitable choice for LPC graduates pursuing qualification via the SQE pathway.

Other SQE2 preparation courses should also be able to outline their strengths in SQE training. Conducting a search can help you discover the specific advantages various providers offer. This involves checking not only their course fees but also what their course includes. Among SQE course providers there are some that used to offer the legal practice courses. These courses have now been transformed into SQE preparation programs. They might be combined with part-time or full-time LLM options. As an alternative, you may opt for an online training course that offers SQE2 prep.

Recognising your own needs and aspirations will guide you towards the SQE course provider that aligns best with your journey. Let us analyse what you need to take into account while choosing your SQE2 prep course:

  1. 1-to-1 SQE2 mock exams. Anyone who has passed any exam in their life would agree that the best way to prepare is to practise doing the same thing that is going to be in the actual exam. In the SQE2, you will be dealing with ​​oral, written and combined simulations. So, do not even consider an SQE2 provider that does not offer SQE2 mock exams or in whose preparatory course the SQE2 mock exams only play a minor role.
  2. Individual feedback. You should assess the quality of the above SQE2 mock exams from two perspectives. Firstly, check the quality of the simulated scenarios. Secondly, consider whether the mocks provide proper individual feedback. Do not buy the numbers, check the quality. Hundreds of mocks for self assessment are not a big help and their tasks may simply not be very relevant. In our experience, having a few good quality mocks under your belt before sitting the final exam is a game changer. Furthermore, it is impossible to prepare for the oral SQE2 by using written transcripts of client interviews or advocacy.
  3. Training experience. The most important part of the SQE2 simulation training is the quality of the individual feedback. Look at it from 2 perspectives. First of all, training your SQE2 skills and improving your knowledge. And secondly, sharing exam tactics and strategies. The first may be done well by many SQE2 preparation course providers, but the second can only be done by those who have actually sat the exam and passed it.

You can prepare using other SQE2 training activities like workshops, lectures, manuals, and videos. But, their effectiveness diminishes without quality mock exams and simulations. This is akin to trying to learn how to swim solely from a book or a lecture.

To conclude, starting your SQE2 prep demands thorough research into both the exam and available training options. Place significant emphasis on the quality of the training provided.

Optimal readiness is achieved through SQE2 simulations accompanied by personalised feedback. Ideally, this feedback should come from an expert with both sound legal knowledge and firsthand exam experience. This positions us as one of the best SQE2 course providers, offering an active teaching approach.

OSCEsmart offers SQE2 preparation characterised by the following features:

  1. Flexibility. Start your SQE2 course at your convenience, without fixed start dates.
  2. Stand-Alone Options. Choose from a single SQE2 mock exam or a comprehensive package, tailored to your needs.
  3. SQE2 Exam-Centric. Our approach centres on practice-based active teaching. Learn-from-mistakes methodology, and one-to-one SQE2 mock sessions will provide insights from identified errors.
  4. Focused Expertise. With an in-depth understanding of the SQE2 exam, we guide you to concentrate on critical aspects, optimising your time and efforts.
  5. Reasonable Fees. Explore our very competitive prices and packages that will allow you to make an informed comparison with other providers.

In order to start, register your SQE account on our SUPEREXAM SQE training platform. We are dedicated to ensuring your success in the Solicitor Qualifying Exam – this important milestone in your legal career!