OSCEsmart Student Testimonials

We have years of experience helping foreign-qualified lawyers to qualify as solicitors in England and Wales through the QLTS regime, and we continue to help all aspiring candidates to pass the SQE assessments to achieve their dream. It is always a thrill for us to see our students succeed and take their final steps towards practicing as qualified solicitors.

Some of our past students have very generously volunteered to express their gratitude and share their experience of using our dedicated training service, which includes lecture videos, study materials, and SQE mock stations. Check out their video feedback below to learn more about how we supported these solicitors and how we can help you to accomplish your goals.

*These videos are not professionally produced but recorded directly by our past students. What they may lack in terms of crystal clear sound and video quality is more than compensated by the honesty and authenticity of their feedback 😉


Aleksei Mozzhukhov is an initially Russian qualified corporate lawyer, practicing as a senior-level lawyer in Cyprus law firms

“I believe that your training was very helpful. Before joining OSCEsmart I tried to do that with [training provider] preparation course. And I should say that the training which you give is very concentrated and this is exactly what is needed for the exam.”

“I would say legal research is brilliant. I didn’t have difficulty with interviews as well, because I know how to structure the interview. The structure which you give helps quite a lot.”

“With your tutors, I had a feeling that I am moving forward, I am getting better. I knew what I was doing and what I was expected to do.”

Maria Almodovar is a Spanish qualified lawyer with international commercial experience in markets such as the UK, US, China and the Middle East

“What helped me a lot was to go through the slides that you’ve put together to know exactly what I was going to be assessed on…. You cover everything in your slides, everything that needs to be known. For me, that was very helpful. I hope I would have had that guidance the first time I took it [OSCE].”

“I bought one of your basic packages in terms of mocks, and then I upgraded. Because when I started the interview and advocacy with you I realised that I do need to practice more. And that’s what I did. That helped me to pass.”

”I think your preparation is really focused on helping you pass the exam.”


Xin Yu is a young lawyer from China,
from Sep 2021 an LLM student, Cardiff University

“I am a lawyer in China, I passed the QLTS exam in November 2020. I highly recommended OSCEsmart to all my friends especially for someone like me who has no working experience in UK firms.”

“As we all know the exam is about half skills and half knowledge. For the knowledge part, Olga’s programme is also really helpful – she lists all the bullet points and I do the reviews based on her bullet point. But this exam is not just about reading or writing, it’s about how to respond to the examiner in real time. So Olga’s team helped me a lot on this aspect.”

Alex is a lawyer from Panama, currently working in the field of corporate governance, including company formation and real estate

“Olga and her team will help you to understand in what kind of skills you are going to be assessed and help you to also understand in what field of law you need to improve for this test. And I found out that the only way you can feel around this is practicing. So if you are coming from a civil law jurisdiction, I recommend you to take the ‘Double’ package, which has more interview mocks, and you will also have a lot of practice.”

“I know how difficult it [OSCE] can be if you fell the first time. But don’t worry you will pass it – just study hard, practise and be smart.”


Karim Ramsis is a dispute resolution lawyer from Egypt specialising in international commercial and investment arbitration

“In 2016, I managed to pass the MCT through self-study; however, with respect to the OSCE assessment in addition to self-study I relied on OSCEsmart summary notes and mocks, which proved to be indispensable and crucial for my preparation.”

“If there is one advice that I would give anyone planning to take the OSCE assessment, it would be that you should always stay focused, you should always stay motivated until your very last assessment.”

Hari Wadhwana is practicing dispute resolution (real estate arbitration) and commercial law (commercial transactions) in the UAE

“I passed the MCT without the assistance of a provider; however, for OSCE I realized that I would require a training provider, as OSCE assessments test you on practical skills and application of law. After talking to a few candidates who passed the QLTS, they’ve highly recommended OSCEsmart to me. Olga and her team provide personal attention to all candidates, and they’re always available to deal with queries that candidates may have. I cannot stress enough on the importance of mock tests, and this is where OSCEsmart is really good at.”

Rosanna Morello Carrieri is an international intellectual property lawyer qualified in Germany, working with Latin American jurisdictions

“Olga and her team provide plenty of materials to guide you through the law. They conduct group sessions to apply the knowledge, individual mock exams to practice under exam conditions, and they will always answer any question you may have.”

“Smart team not only prepare you for the legal side but also for the exam itself, they thoroughly explain the marking criteria, and they practice with you under exam conditions. The tutors are really flexible timewise, always encouraging and supportive, and their feedback was still very honest and comprehensive.”

Brian is a lawyer from China, practicing in Japan, specialising in TMT, entertainment, data protection, and investment fund

“Speaking of myself I spent half a year preparing for the exam. Three months were spent on going through the textbooks, and then I spent two months reviewing it, also reviewed the materials and notes I made and was preparing with OSCEsmart. The last month I did only mocks and exercises with Olga’s team. I found them very helpful, and they gave me an idea how it is going to be like in the exam.”

“It has been a difficult and stressful exam, but if you are determined, please don’t hesitate and go for it.”


Jeny Shaw is a litigation lawyer from India, now a successful property solicitor working in the UK

“I went for OSCEsmart based on one personal recommendation. When I looked at their website I found that they were doing a lot of mocks, and they also had online tutorials and video lectures. And I was pretty impressed at the amount they were charging for their packages as well, it was quite drastically different from what the leading providers were charging.”

“As we progressed through the mocks, all the tips and feedback really helped me to handle and tackle the mocks much better.”

“I highly attribute a huge part of my success to Dr Olga and her very dedicated team.”

Dmytro Bogdan is a Ukrainian advocate

“Human response is one thing but the other thing is the professional assessment which Olga and her colleagues are very qualified to provide, and those responses to me were really relevant. I went to the assessment itself, I’ve sat there in the room and I was like ‘this happened to me during the mock, this also happened with me during the mock’ only because Olga and her team were really supportive, and they do really relevant exercises.”

“She [Olga] also went through this examination, and all her colleagues live your examination together with you over and over again, and they really enjoy the job they’re doing. And that job is amazing. You go there confidently and you see how you improved your skills just in weeks.”


Priyasha Corrie is a corporate lawyer and entrepreneur from UAE

“OSCEsmart videos on research were a lifesaver. Conducting research in one hour can be quite daunting but thanks to her [Olga’s] tips I managed to tackle the research assessment on the exam day with relative ease.”

“The interview mocks were extremely helpful, the clients were laypersons which is how it is on the assessment day, and the sessions with them trained me very well. The clients were so dedicated and motivated me when my confidence was low. I really appreciate that and I’m so grateful to them for the valuable contribution to my preparation.”

Daud Farooq is a commercial and real estate lawyer practicing in the UAE

“This [passing the QLTS] was merely possible due to the extremely helpful notes, video lectures, and tailored feedback on all OSCE assessments.”

“OSCEsmart not only helped me in understanding critical concepts but also gave me valuable and insightful tips which are extremely helpful to counter and negotiate with all of those unaccounted scenarios that can come during the exam itself. I would highly recommend all professional lawyers and students who intend to sit for QLTS to subscribe to the services of OSCEsmart.”