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SQE e-learning platform launched for hosting online law courses

SINGAPORE, June 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — OSCEsmart has launched a tailor-made Superexam platform designed to host SQE prep courses. The original scheduling software is tailored specifically for the needs of the QLTS and SQE assessments, to match qualified solicitors of England and Wales, and aspiring solicitors. OSCEsmart founder Dr Olga Pogrebennyk has also announced a […]

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SQE prep cycle: space it out

Putting our social, professional, sometimes even personal lives on hold, the COVID-19 lockdown has taught us the importance of being self-dependent and well-organised. QLTS OSCE candidates have had to learn it the hard way – reconsidering their priorities, rearranging their time, revisiting their preparation. With QLTS Kaplan postponing the May 2020 OSCE till August, and […]

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SQE for and against

Is There Life After the SQE?

Of the many indicators of upcoming changes to the legal profession, liberalisation of legal services initiated by the SRA is perhaps the most demonstrative one. Since at least 2013, the body has been consistently implementing initiatives aimed at simplifying regulations in the legal profession and removing those not in the public interest. In 2015, the […]

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Are Both Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme and Solicitors Qualifying Examination Modelled on the Miller Pyramid?

What Is Miller Pyramid? The original pyramid was designed by the American psychologist George Miller in 1990 as a framework for assessing doctors’ clinical competence. This framework distinguishes between knowledge at the lower levels and action at the highest level. Thus, the lowest level of the pyramid represents knowledge (knows), which at higher levels is […]

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