sqe2 training

we know
what it takes
from experience

Prep with a cohort of solicitors with the first-hand experience of passing the exam


Learn from experience
and possible mistakes


Learn with a
qualified professional team


Learn on the tailor-made SQE
online learning platform

why oscesmart?
We are

We are a cohort of solicitors with the first-hand experience of passing the exam, who specialise in SQE2 prep. Over the last 5 years we have helped hundreds of candidates to pass the qualifying examinations (both the QLTS OSCE and SQE2).

We offer

We have developed effective strategies aimed at training various categories of candidates: foreign lawyers, LPC grads and resitters. We offer different combinations of SQE2 mock simulations with personalised feedback, depending on the background.

We understand

We understand the risks involved: SQE
candidates now have a limited number of
attempts: max 3 resits in 6 years.

About Us
Smart Team

Play it safe —
study with those
who passed it!

We have qualified via the same route and know what it takes from experience.
Each tutor brings her knowledge, experience and tips to each of your one-to-one mock sessions.

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Tutored practice
through mocks

Online mocks conducted under the
SQE2 exam conditions are the core of our preparation. In each mock, the SQE candidate receives an individual mark and feedback from the tutor.

Our SQE2 mocks can be roughly divided into two categories:

  • Exam-level difficulty
  • Advanced level

Our SQE mocks have been designed based on сommon mistakes and confusions within each practice area registered by OSCEsmart.

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Build, challenge and reinforce knowledge


Develop skills by handling tailor-
made real-world scenarios

Exam methodology

Learn exam methodology from
the tutor’s marks & analysis




Improve your
legal skills


Detect gaps in
your knowledge


Provide guidance
for further revision


Share exam
tips & tactics


Client interview
Tutor’s oral feedback
Tutor’s oral feedback
Case and matter analysis
Candidate’s written delivery
Tutor’s oral feedback and analysis
Legal research
Legal writing
Legal drafting
Tutor’s written feedback
Up to 2 clarifying Qs
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SQE2 Lectures
& Demos

  • Starting point for mock simulations
  • Highly practical and demonstrative
Client interview
Case and matter analysis
Legal research
Legal writing
Legal drafting

Lectures on these skills will be available after we get to see what exactly the two assessments will be like in the exam, and work out specific strategies on how to handle them. Before that, it would appear to be nothing but a bubble.

5 years in business:
we know how to
get you through.

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read before
you think

Preparation for the SQE2 starts with traditional revision techniques – rereading, note taking, active participation in seminars.

To cover this stage of your preparation, we have set up live online seminars & demos, and included in Smart materials concise lecture notes on each practice area and SQE2 flashcards.

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Your SQE2 training can start any
moment and run parallel with your
SQE1 preparation.

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Next steps

SQE2 training


non-package mocks

Conducting a few stand-alone mocks seems a
better idea than risking your time, money and
professional reputation.

One-to-One SQE2 mock stations
Price, £
Matter analysis
Legal writing
Legal drafting
Legal research
Interview + Model answer
Interview + Attendance note
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Cumulative Total (£)
1000 - 1499
1500 - 1999


11+ tutored mocks per package to cover
a wide range of legal concepts

SQE Skills Package
  • Legal writing set of lectures 1
  • Legal drafting lecture 6
  • Client interview set of lectures 1
  • Advocacy set of lectures 1
  • Online Seminar Group Session 5
  • Live-stream mock demo
    (Legal Theatre) 1
SQE QLTS Package
13 tutored mocks
  • Interview 2 + Attendance note 2
  • Interview 1 + Model answer 1
  • Advocacy 2
  • Matter analysis 3
  • Legal writing 2
  • Legal drafting 1
  • Legal research 1
  • Notes in 5 areas of law 5
  • SQE Skills Pack
SQE LPC Package
11 tutored mocks
  • Interview 2 + Attendance note 2
  • Interview 1 + Model answer 1
  • Advocacy 2
  • Matter analysis 3
  • Legal writing 1
  • Legal drafting 1
  • Legal research 1
  • Notes in 5 areas of law 5
  • SQE Skills Pack
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Our support will answer
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5+ years preparing
QLTS candidates with
the highest passing rates

  • video testimonials
  • the Qualified Talk interview series featuring
    legal professionals who have made their
    way to success through qualifying as
    solicitors of England and Wales
Sancho Guibert Echenique

Dual qualified solicitor
England and Wales & Spain

The materials provided by OSCEsmart were very good. Particularly, I remember some drafting tips, how to structure an interview for instance, how to structure a presentation, not to talk about advocacy which are perfect materials – very, very valuable for me. I often put these materials and the things that I learned as a result of going over these materials, in practice in my day-to-day job.

Nana Maisuradze

Dual qualified solicitor
England and Wales & Georgia

I tried to pass this exam twice […]. For my second preparation, I just followed the exact instructions and slides that are given on OSCEsmart platform. I believe that this practical advice about drafting and about interviews, and all these practical suggestions were very helpful. If I had reviewed this before my first exam and studied so well, I believe I would have passed it at my first attempt. I’m very thankful to your school for all these very useful suggestions that I have received from you – thank you!

Maria Almodovar

Dual qualified solicitor
England and Wales & Spain

When it comes to writing and drafting, I’ve never done that, so sometimes I just find myself blank – like I have no idea what to put in the paper. So it was mainly the practice that you offered me through the mock exams and all the feedback that I got after the drafting and the writing as well, that helped me to get there. That I didn’t have with the previous provider. Even if I’m provided with the best material, […] I just need to practice, make mistakes – and I learn from every mistake that I make.

Neha Sachde

Dual qualified solicitor
England and Wales & India

The amount of time Olga spends reviewing your presentation! I used to literally write everything she told me about my mistakes, what I did, what I did not do […] – I remember it used to go for at least 4 pages. I reviewed those comments before the day of my examination, and it helped me so much!
OSCEsmart has various kinds of subscriptions, so even a stand-alone mock can be so helpful just before the examination, or just to know whether to go for it or not.

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