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    We are a welcoming society of dual-qualified lawyers. We are admitted to the roll of solicitors of England & Wales and at least one more jurisdiction. Our mission is to unite like-minded individuals, including dual-qualified solicitors and cross-jurisdictional lawyers.

    Our goal is to foster a robust community of legal professionals worldwide with a focus on:

    🌐 Unlocking Opportunities with SQE:

    We uphold the highest standards in legal practice. We also champion the principles of the law of England and Wales on an international stage. Embrace the exceptional opportunity to qualify in England and Wales through the unique SQE exam. It is a journey we’ve successfully undertaken ourselves. As practitioners of English law, we not only uphold the highest standards. We also actively promote its application on the global stage.

    📚 Keeping Sharp and Up-to-Date Legal Knowledge:

    We ensure our members possess the most current and relevant expertise. Join a community dedicated to sharpening legal acumen beyond the SQE. Solicitors are expected to engage in ongoing education and skill enhancement. This commitment is crucial for upholding the highest standards in their practice. Solicitors must continually enhance their skills for practice excellence. We offer SQE knowledge database access, additional training, and opportunity to share your knowledge and skills. We regularly handle SQE revision lectures, which gives us the opportunity to update the materials.

    🤝 Establishing A Global Network Of Lawyers For Opportunities Exchange:

    Establishing a global network of lawyers for opportunities exchange is a key focus. We provide access to the SQE knowledge database, additional training, and mastery. Benefit by gaining knowledge, finding work, discovering new projects, and making new friends. Over 300 lawyers have qualified with us. We cooperate with educational institutions like the British Legal Centre and law firms worldwide. Additionally, we assist Ukrainian lawyers in learning English law, aiming to contribute to the rebuilding of the country.

    💼 Delivering the highest quality services to our clients:

    Providing top-notch client services is our priority. Access the SQE knowledge database, undergo comprehensive training, and master essential skills. This dedication ensures surpassing client expectations and fostering lasting relationships. Our extensive network aids in finding the best global legal assistance, whether for local laws or specific expertise. Together, we thrive!

    🚀 Legaltech: Shaping The Future Of Legal Innovation:

    Sharing LegalTech and shaping the future of legal innovation is our commitment. Join our collaborative network dedicated to shaping the future of legal technology. We assist law firms in finding appropriate LawTech and EduTech solutions. For example, with our SaaS white-label platform tailored to the SQE, including SQE2 training, we can help law firms establish their own law schools. Our network of academics, lecturers, tutors, and trainers can assist you in creating your own unique content. Together, we propel innovation!

    In simpler terms, we’ve joined together to foster our knowledge, careers, businesses, and projects.

    Join us in building a smart and connected, dual-qualified experts’ community. Here’s how you can become a valued member.

    1. Prepare and Pass the SQE with Us

    Leverage our support to excel in the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE). Our community features expert tutors who have successfully navigated the SQE themselves. We specialise in assisting foreign-qualified individuals and those without a legal background. Our materials are designed to aid aspiring solicitors who may find the SQE challenging, with a specific focus on SQE2 training through mock simulations. At the core of our approach is ‘active teaching’ and ‘mistakes driven learning’.

    We provide valuable tips and tricks for SQE1 and SQE2. Our aim is to coach you, ensuring success in the examinations. Additionally, we focus on facilitating your ongoing professional growth.

    If you’re a qualified solicitor or barrister, join us as a tutor or content creator, like a lecturer. Contribute by generating new ideas, expanding our knowledge database, and developing innovative law courses. Earn money with your knowledge of English law! Your expertise is crucial in shaping the learning experience for aspiring legal professionals. Contact us at

    2. Share the Same Values and Goals

    We, as like-minded professionals, include dual-qualified solicitors and cross-jurisdictional lawyers. Together, we ensure a shared commitment to our fundamental values and common goals:

    1. Upholding the Rule of Law and Justice
    2. Respecting Human Dignity and Promoting Global Unity of Humanity
    3. Embracing Scientific Development and LegalTech
    4. Promoting Environmental Conservation for Future Generations

    3. Demonstrate Good Character

    Good character is a foundation for ethical practice, contributing to the integrity of the legal community. Candidates aiming to join our community must exhibit good character. Meeting this condition is also a crucial criterion for admission to the solicitors’ roll. The aspiring solicitors should nurture good character from the outset of their SQE legal journey. It plays a pivotal role in their professional development and eventual success.

    4. Commit to Continuous Professional Development

    Stay at the forefront of legal knowledge by embracing continuous professional development. We provide resources to enhance your skills and knowledge throughout your career.

    5. Ready to Boost Your Income and Career

    Leverage the power of our multi-jurisdictional network to propel your income and career to new heights. Connect with like-minded dual-qualified solicitors, explore collaboration opportunities, and open doors to career advancement. In particular, it opens new opportunities for your professional growth. Being listed in our directory may lead you to serve as, or find:

    • Expert witness or law expert witness
    • Expert on jurisdiction or international expert
    • Arbitrator

    6. Become a Member for a Small Annual Fee

    Enjoy the benefits of our global legal network by becoming a member for a modest annual fee. Your membership grants you access to:

    • Exclusive promotions and discounts
    • Commissions and royalties
    • English law resources
    • Networking opportunities
    • A supportive community of legal experts & crossborder lawyers

    7. Engage in Legal Professional Collaboration

    At our core, we believe in fostering partnerships that transcend boundaries. We collaborate with various law firms, educational institutions, recruiters, and consultancy companies. This collaboration helps us expand our network and unlock more opportunities. It includes involvement in SQE, legal education, and training related to actual legal services. Participate in seminars, meetups, and numerous other events to enhance your professional growth.

    Embark on your professional success by joining “Our Community: The Smart Lawyers Global Club.” We look forward to welcoming you into our network of accomplished legal professionals.

    Join us in this journey towards achieving your legal career milestones

    Discover Global Legal Expertise

    🌐 Seeking international expertise? We connect organisations and individuals with experienced international experts and dual-qualified solicitors possessing specific knowledge tailored to your needs.

    🤝 Unlock Opportunities: Our network extends beyond borders, helping you find legal advisors in multiple jurisdictions.

    🌍 Tailored Solutions: Whether it’s navigating complex international regulations or expanding your legal team globally, we’ve got you covered.

    🔗 Connect with Excellence: Elevate your legal capabilities by tapping into our extensive network of professionals. Let us assist you in finding the perfect legal expert for your global ventures.

    🚀 Propel Your Success: With our support, seamlessly navigate the complexities of international law and make informed decisions for your organisation’s growth.

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