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SQE Smart - What Matters is You

We are OSCEsmart – a training provider for the existing UK bar exam known as the Qualified Lawyer Transfer Scheme (QLTS) which is an alternative route for foreign qualified lawyers to qualify in England and Wales.

Our training activity started after we completed the LPC and successfully qualified as Solicitors of England and Wales via the QLTS. This educational and professional experience opens a unique perspective on both routes. It also allows to draw certain parallels between the QLTS OSCE and the SQE.

The SQE (or super-exam) is the Solicitors Qualifying Examination which has been announced as a new common route to qualifying in England and Wales. According to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), it will be introduced in 2021.

In our blog, you can expect posts on the methodology and implementation of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination – which has all chances of facilitating access to legal education and as a result improving access to justice.