OSCEsmart Top Achievers 2019

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    Nowadays in these trying times, it is vital for candidates not to lose heart and continue their preparation for the QLTS OSCE exam. You should remember that hard work will eventually pay off – as it has paid off for the candidates studying with OSCEsmart in 2019.

    Releasing our results for OSCEsmart May’19 and November’19 classes, we are proud to say that our pass rate for November’19 reached 90.47% with the average mark being 74.68%. For the May’19 OSCE, our pass rate constituted 81.8% with the mark averaging 73.8%. 

    We express our gratitude for their trust in our preparatory course and their cooperative spirit to the top four candidates who successfully cleared the QLTS OSCE exam:

    1. Victoria Andres Cabrera, Spain, May’19 OSCE sitting, total mark: 87
    2. Julia Keane, Australia/UK, November’19 OSCE sitting, total mark: 85
    3. Mindy Ho, Hong Kong, May’19 OSCE sitting, total mark: 84
    4. Felicity Joslin, South Africa/UK, November’19 OSCE sitting, total mark: 81

    Dear Victoria, Julia, Mindy and Felicity, we greatly appreciate your high results and wish you every success in your future endeavours!

    Your OSCEsmart team

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