SQE e-learning platform launched for hosting online law courses

SINGAPORE, June 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — OSCEsmart has launched a tailor-made Superexam platform designed to host SQE prep courses.

The original scheduling software is tailored specifically for the needs of the QLTS and SQE assessments, to match qualified solicitors of England and Wales, and aspiring solicitors.

OSCEsmart founder Dr Olga Pogrebennyk has also announced a new Tutor Training Course – to open soon after the introduction of the SQE.

‘We’ve invested immeasurable time and effort in developing the skills required to provide quality training to lawyers seeking to qualify under the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme, and achieved sustainable results. The key component of OSCEsmart preparation is real-time individual mocks followed by the assessors’ feedback – which based on recent research is the most effective learning strategy. We’ve accumulated knowledge and experience which now allow us to venture even further – developing an SQE preparatory course, and empowering law firms to deliver their own superexam training to their trainee solicitors. To offer our perspective on superexam methodology and share OSCEsmart experience, we have set up a specialised Superexam Blog at https://superexam.uk/ (Dr Pogrebennyk).

Tutor Training Course

The Tutor Training Course allows educators and law firms to get their staff trained as tutoring solicitors and interviewers. Another possibility is to grow the skills of the firm’s trainee solicitors by enrolling them in the OSCEsmart course.

Piloting the platform

The new digital platform has been successfully piloted for the QLTS OSCE preparation since 29 April 2020:

‘Since the end of April, I’ve been using Superexam to book and monitor my mocks. It also provides access to the mock materials with detailed instructions regarding individual mocks. For me, good planning is one of the key components of the OSCE preparation as I have been, like many others, studying while working full-time and juggling other commitments. So I find Superexam very useful as a timesaver and a great tool for efficient planning’ (Cansin Karga Giritli (Turkey), PhD Student/Researcher (University of Glasgow)).

Having found the new technology a handy tool for connecting the two axes of OSCEsmart team – candidates and tutors, OSCEsmart is expanding its reach to serving as a marketplace. Law firms and educators looking for an opportunity to conduct SQE educational events can contact info@qltsosce.co.uk or visit https://qltsosce.co.uk/

Students’ opinion

OSCEsmart original methodology of teaching application of substantive law has already proved successful – take it from people who know best: OSCEsmart recent graduates who used the skills and knowledge provided by the course to go through the assessments under the Qualified Lawyers’ Transfer Scheme.

‘Olga and team not only prepare you for the legal side, but also thoroughly explain the marking criteria and practice with you under exam conditions. The OSCE marking is very specific and it simply requires practice to get it right. They’re really flexible time-wise, always encouraging and supportive, and their feedback was still very honest and comprehensive. As I booked the most comprehensive course with them, I had so many mocks that in the exam I didn’t have to think any more about the do’s and don’ts – it just came naturally. Chatting with other candidates, I felt I was better prepared for this unique exam situation – and from what I know, I also got a higher mark’.
(Rosanna Morello Carrieri – November’19 QLTS OSCE).

About OSCEsmart

OSCEsmart operated by LEOPINION PTE LTD, Singapore, is a results-oriented training provider for the QLTS OSCE and SQE, with a strong focus on candidates’ practical skills.

In its 3rd year of operation, OSCEsmart passing rates have reached 90.47% (Nov’19 OSCE).

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