OSCEsmart Top Achievers 2018

When there’s just one week left before the QLTS OSCE exam, stress can really take over. Now that’s the time to keep things in perspective, and to provide you with the proper perspective, we are releasing the list of OSCEsmart Top Achievers in 2018.

These are the people whom we take special pride in and whose unfailing trust in OSCEsmart as a training provider we greatly appreciate:

  1. Derya Gozbebek, Turkey/UK, OSCE sitting: November 2018, total mark: 86
  2. Ruoyu Li, China/ Hong Kong, OSCE sitting: November 2018, total mark: 83
  3. Vivian Lee, Hong Kong, OSCE sitting: November 2018, total mark: 82

Here is what our student Derya tells about her preparation and QLTS OSCE results:

“I have recently cleared QLTS OSCE with 86% and I would like to thank to all OSCE Smart team members for helping me to better prepare for this challenging experience. 

I registered with OSCE Smart after having a mock trial with them and I was pleased with the course for the following reasons:

  • There was a very active tutor support from day one. Dr Olga Pogrebennyk answered my each and every question or concern up until the day I sat the exam and thereafter. I was quite a challenging student and yet she still responded to everything even at the busiest time. Also, she was very responsive to feedback I gave. For example, one of the drafting mocks lacked the model answer and I contacted her to enquire about it very near to the exam when everyone was super busy. She immediately drafted a comprehensive model, which was very helpful.  Again, if I gave a feedback on lecture notes, she would always consider. 
  • I already had a few months of preparation before I enrolled with OSCE Smart. Therefore, I knew what I needed when I contacted them and this helped me to have the most use of the course. 
  • Drafting exercises were really helpful to gain confidence in writing something from scratch and not solely rely upon Lexis in the exam. 
  • Mock exams were comprehensive and conducted in an exam like manner which is a good preparation just before the exam. 
  • There is student interaction through online classes, which is a good opportunity to go out of self-study mood. Also, Google research and drafting classes give the chance to see other students’ approach to mocks. 
  • I genuinely felt that Dr Olga Pogrebennyk cares about her students passing and can relate with the overwhelming feelings we go through during preparation. 

I believe the most important thing about preparation courses is to manage your expectations. No course is without faults and they do not magically “make” someone pass. They are tools designed to help preparation. 

Ultimately, OSCE requires serious personal commitment and genuine effort. It is a very complex exam and it is important to know your strengths and weaknesses in order to work through them and use the course to help yourself built strength. OSCE Smart met my expectations and provided a good preparation.”

Dear Derya, Ruoyu and Vivian, we feel honoured to have contributed to your preparation and are celebrating your courage, expertise and professionalism!

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