OSCEsmart Top Achievers 2021

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    2021 was a tough year for OSCE candidates – we know that from our students’ unique stories. Countries on and off the red list, travel restrictions lifted and reintroduced, flights cancelled and visas denied – this is a mere fraction of the challenges posed by 2021. 

    Yet, the results of OSCEsmart graduates have far exceeded our expectations, with 10 candidates scoring higher than 80% last year. It all goes to show how much you can reach with lots of dedication, skill and hard work.

    Please see the list of the QLTS candidates making up OSCEsmart Top 10 of 2021 – who entrusted their OSCE preparation to us and scored higher than 80% in the 2021 QLTS OSCE exams:

    1. Whitney Chan – Hong Kong, overall mark: 88
    2. Mahima Sodhi – India/United Arab Emirates, overall mark: 87
    3. Aleksandre Megrelishvili – Georgia, overall mark: 86
    4. Mengwei Ma – Hong Kong, overall mark: 86
    5. Luke Oon – Singapore, overall mark: 85
    6. Shreya Kallingal – India, overall mark: 84
    7. Aspasia Christina Pouli – Luxembourg/Greece, overall mark: 83
    8. Margaux Guennec – France, overall mark: 83
    9. Sindana Ulaganathan – India/Germany, overall mark: 83
    10. Joanne Lam – Hong Kong, overall mark: 81

    Dear Whitney, Mahima, Aleksandre, Mengwei, Luke, Shreya, Aspasia, Margaux, Sindana and Joanne, we admire your enormous effort and appreciate your trust in OSCEsmart preparatory course. Together with your families and friends, we celebrate you and wish you further professional growth and personal fulfilment!

    Your OSCEsmart team

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