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OSCEsmart Top Achievers 2021

2021 was a tough year for OSCE candidates – we know that from our students’ unique stories. Countries on and off the red list, travel restrictions lifted and reintroduced, flights cancelled and visas denied – this is a mere fraction of the challenges posed by 2021.  Yet, the results of OSCEsmart graduates have far exceeded […]

OSCEsmart Top Achievers 2020

For all the threats and challenges posed by 2020, OSCEsmart graduates made truly remarkable achievements and passed the QLTS OSCE with flying colours. Witnessing the effort they invested in handling the nightmarish 2020 logistics and shouldering the increased financial burden, we admire their enormous skill and dedication. Please see the list of the QLTS candidates […]

OSCEsmart Top Achievers 2019

Nowadays in these trying times, it is vital for candidates not to lose heart and continue their preparation for the QLTS OSCE exam. You should remember that hard work will eventually pay off – as it has paid off for the candidates studying with OSCEsmart in 2019. Releasing our results for OSCEsmart May’19 and November’19 […]

OSCEsmart Top Achievers 2018

When there’s just one week left before the QLTS OSCE exam, stress can really take over. Now that’s the time to keep things in perspective, and to provide you with the proper perspective, we are releasing the list of OSCEsmart Top Achievers in 2018. These are the people whom we take special pride in and […]